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Pest Control - Find Out What's Bugging You

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own set of behaviors, dangers and ways to be eliminated. Knowing the difference between the insects an rodents that may be infesting your home will help you know what actions to take.

Ants - While they may not seem as serious, ants are by far the most common pest that people deal with. This is mostly because ants seem to get in through even the tiniest cracks in your foundation or woodwork. They often nest outside the home, in lawns or under your foundation. Ant colonies can exist for years. Ant control that is effective goes far beyond traps and sprays you buy at the store.

Termites - Termite control is important because they are an actual threat to your home. Pest control specialists may use bait stations and or liquid insecticides depending on the density and extent of the infestation. While an exterminator can treat your home, you have to watch for signs of their return and eliminate conditions around your home, such as unnecessary moisture and food sources.

Bed Bugs - The term bed bug can be misleading since these insects can live in any crack or crevice, in mattresses, furniture and even in baseboards. Bed Bugs are dangerous because they feed on blood, and can live for almost a year with the right conditions. There are a number of different insects that look like bed bugs, so they can be hard to identify correctly. Exterminators can not only identify them, but can kill bed bugs more effectively than do it yourself measures.

Rodents - Rodent control is tricky because rats shy away from tradition rat control measures and mice can produce an alarming amount of offspring in a short while. Rats can carry disease and mice will contaminate your food sources. Because of the related health concerns, rodent control is not something you should avoid. If you suspect you have a rodent problem you need to contact a qualified pest control expert.

Other Pests - While these are some of the most common pests, or the most dangerous, there are many more insects that could become a problem for you. Flies may seem common but can carry a number of different pathogens. Cockroaches are great at hiding and their eggs are not affected by insecticides. Bees, hornets, wasps and other stinging insects can be dangerous if their nests are near your home.

No matter what pest is bothering you, a professional exterminator service is the surest way to keep them under control and rid them from your home


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